Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Diary from the Ocean

Today is my sixth day on the ship. The past two days have been my first days of classes (we operate on a A-B schedule, I have one class on A days and three classes on B days). My first impression of the classes on board is that some include a lot of bookwork and readings while others seem more fun and formatted with workshop-style lessons.

In my Global Studies class yesterday, we had a guest speaker who threw more dates and facts at us in 20 minutes than I ever thought humanly possible. I’m pretty sure that single session will target me as a candidate for carpal tunnel. The information is interesting — there is just a lot of it. My World Religion class seems like a class I’ll really enjoy. My past religion classes have prepared me for most of the material we are covering and the professor seems really excited about the course material, which is always an added bonus.

My other two classes, Video Journalism and Writing Around the World, I took for my journalism major. I hope to use these classes to branch out and explore global journalism in ways I have never had the opportunity to in America.

To track the ship’s progress, learn more about courses or itinerary, or to check out the SAS blog (which my roommate Leah is a part of) click here.

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