Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Photographic Projects in Rome

Living in post-Semester at Sea mode has been less jarring than expected, but I can still say that my fall traveling experience changed me in ways I never knew possible. To keep the memories alive, I’ve been fortunate enough to stay in contact with close friends from the ship. For two dinners this past spring, I met up with a few Semester at Sea students and lifelong learners who live or go to school in Ithaca. I was even able to meet up with some of my absolute best friends from the ship — Maria (from Venezuela), Anjali and Aman (from Mumbai) in Boston over a weekend in May. My roommate Leah and I constantly reminisce about our travels around the world and I can honestly say, I’m so glad we were able to take the Semester at Sea journey together.

While I’ve enjoyed a semi-normal student routine since December, I have to admit I’ve been aching to travel again. I figured my budget probably couldn’t handle another plane ticket with an international itinerary, but I’ve learned the travel-hungry student gets creative.

So, here’s my status:

I’m currently finagling my college plans to try and graduate a semester early, in December, to save money. I just need to complete a photography class this summer to stay on track with my still-photography minor. Incredibly, my spring History of Photography class professor Nicholas Muellner is teaching a class in Rome from June 2 to July 3. I was offered a scholarship. My travel bug has latched. I’m signed up to leave Thursday.

I’ll be armed with my camera and will most definitely be blogging as much as possible. Talk to you soon from Italy.

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  1. Abbie and I will be in Rome on July 2nd. If you're available we should get together for dinner -- our treat.